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Braintree Forms has been supplying our customers with custom envelopes and billing supplies for over 20 years. We value our customers and make it our goal to provide fast, friendly service. Our customer service team is committed to making your day better.
In the healthcare industry, it is essential to have a knowledge of the codes and regulations necessary for properly billing and documenting patient encounters. Ever-changing regulations and code requirements means that those involved in this industry need to stay current with the new trends and challenges. Reimbursement by third-party payers is about more than just sending in a bill. Medical coding and billing certifications through QPro lets employers and other organizations know that you understand these requirements.
Simple Money Tools is an easy way to track, plan, and learn about finances. We believe in making it simple, well because — simple tools save time. It is ideal for a small or home business that is on a cash-basis. A "cash-basis" business is one that records sales or income when the cash is received and expenses when they are paid.